Do you have running niggles?

When running ground reaction forces are 2.5-3 x your body weight.
Runners often get injured when they exceed their tissue capacity and tolerance.
We tend run too much to quickly after breaks from running, training for an event or when new to the sport.

Podiatry not just for your feet, they are connected to the rest of your body

Running Tips:

  • Incorporating strength and conditioning 1-2 x per week, with high load and low repetitions. This is important to reduce risk of injury.
  • Listening to your body, using the 24hour pain rule. If you have pain that does not settle after 24 hours of running then you running volume / speed may need to be reduced.
  • If you find yourself compensating in your running style to off load painful areas, you need to ensure you are pain free to eliminate these patterns.
  • There is no perfect running technique or a one size fits all. As individuals we are all built differently and therefore have different running patterns.

If you are struggling with running injuries or want to be proactive and with injury prevention get in touch today.