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General Foot Care

Regular podiatry care can reduce pain and discomfort and improve day to day function and mobility

  • Toenail care
  • Callus and corn removal
  • Fungal toenail diagnosis and treatment
    – Fungal testing in clinic available
  • Wound care and blister management
  • Bunion education and treatment
  • Decreasing pain and improving comfort in arthritic conditions
  • Expert advice on caring for your foot health and managing any problems that you may experience


Toenail surgery

Toenail surgery is a common procedure for a solution to toenails that have become ingrown, involuted or disfigured due to trauma.

Two main procedures:

  • Partial Nail Avulsion (PNA)
  • Total Nail Avulsion (TNA)

Both of these procedures may be carried out with or without a chemical matrixectomy using phenol acid. 

Dry needling for Verruca (planter warts)

Dry needling works by stimulating the body’s immune system to clear the infected viral cells. 

Biomechanics and Sports Medicine

Injury prevention, diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation, for all ages and abilities ensuring specific individual needs and goals are identified.

  • Foot mobilisations
  • Dry needling
  • Shock wave therapy
  • Gait analysis 

Working alongside AXIS Sports Medicine Specialists and Dr Sarah Beable Sport and Exercise Physician at AXIS Alpine.

Orthotic Prescription

  • Fully custom orthotic– Long term orthotic
  • Partially custom orthotic

    – Short term orthotic

  • Sports specific orthotic
  • Sports specific orthotic. Ski, snowboard, cycling, running, rugby, soccer, netball, ice skate boots.

ACC Orthotics Contract

Podiatry has a contract with ACC for the prescription of orthotics, moonboots, splints and braces. When your injury is covered by ACC and the use of a above device can be medically justified as part of your treatment, the cost will be fully covered by ACC.

RPW Shockwave Therapy

Extra-corporeal shock wave therapy (ESWT) is a treatment used to treat tendon pathology, as well as other musculoskeletal pain.

Conditions where this type of treatment has been shown to be effective in relevant to podiatry include:

Plantar fascia pain and Achilles tendinopathy

Myofacial Trigger Points
Activation of muscle and connective tissue

Please do not hesitate to come in and pick up an information leaflet or make and appointment to discuss if shock wave is the appropriate treatment for you.

Game Ready

Cold & Compression Therapy

  • Cold therapy promotes vasoconstriction and reduces blood flow, inflammation and swelling, decreases muscle spasms, and is a non-invasive way to relieve pain.
  • Cold therapy can be used immediately following acute injury or surgery and as needed thereafter.

Footwear Prescription

Having the right shoes can be a crucial part of treatment. I have Extensive footwear knowledge and affiliations with local business in Queenstown and Otago.

  • General footwear
  • Work shoe / boot
  • School shoe
  • Sports specific

Ski / snowboard boot fitting alongside local business and custom orthotic prescription for ski and snow board boots.

Children’s Foot Problems

Children’s feet have unique developmental milestones therefore Podopaediatrics is an area of podiatry focused on the diagnosis and treatment of foot disorders in children.

Tips for parents to watch out for:

  • The way your child walks
  • Any pain in the feet or legs
  • Growing pain in the heels (Sever’s disease)
  • Growing pain of the knees (Osgood- Schlatter’s disease)
  • Skin rashes between toes, hard skin, warts
  • Discoloured or painful ingrown toenails
  • Uneven footwear
  • Constant tripping, falling, limping (particularly after activity)

Diabetes and the foot

The effect of diabetes has significant consequences on the foot. Regular diabetic foot assessment and treatment can prevent diabetic foot pathologies.

  •   Vascular, Neurological, musculoskeletal and dermatological testing
  •  Wound care management

Integrated Podiatry

Creating an integrated approach to your health care by working together with other medical and health care providers.
  • Doctors
  • Sports Physicians
  • Surgeons
  • Dermatologist
  • Specialists
  • Physio
  • Chiropractor
  • Massage therapy
  • Osteopathy
  • Acupuncture

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